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Dino Body

Hi everyone!

well, I look at my blog and... wow it's been a while since my last post!
But I have a pretty good reason.
For the last 9 months I've been working on a dinosaurs documentary as I said before. But in fact, it has been 2 projects back to back for the same client, Discovery Channel. So we didn't have much time between both of them.

The team worked really hard on both shows. I was mainly lighting on the first one, but on the second project I did many things. I worked for the layout department as well as FX and some previs animation. Now, at the end of the shows I am back to the lighting department.

I've been waiting for a while to show you some of my work. Finally Discovery put some footage on the net. So here is the first trailers of Dino Body:

I hope that the second project (that we are currently finishing) will soon be available too!

I am quite proud of the work we did.
Hope you will enjoy.


New job!

I have been working to Mokko Studio for a month by now.
I am lighting a show about dinosaurs for Discovery Chanel and I am learning a lot.
We use Maya 2009 and there is some new stuff there that are quite interesting.

I am still continuing another contract part time at home.
For this one i am doing the lipsync and facial animation for kids show.

All this is keeping me quite busy.


Modeling Bibo

Here is the first version of Bibo now in 3D.
He has no face for now because I am still thinking about it.

Any comments or suggestions for him would be appreciated.



First XSI animation

Well, I have just added a new card up my sleeve by learning XSI.
Here is my first animation.
A simple walk cycle to start.