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Finaly, finaly, there is my short movie. All this starts one year ago, and this is what came up.
It was one year of intense suffering but also full of memorable moments.

I did everything from writing the script to doing the final render: modeling, texturing, stretch and squash rigging, animation, lighting, FX, ncloth simulation, rendering, compositing...
The only thing I didn't do was music and sound effects. These were done by a great man Louis Sédillot. Thank you very much!

Go get yourself some pop corn and start the show!
I hope you'll enjoy it.

(Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro)


Opération Fromage frames

These are some cool frames from the short movie I did at school.
There is my kitchen, wich I am quite pround of, and there is Justine the little white mouse who is the main character of my movie and Bernard.
Soon I will post the entire video.
But for the moment enjoy this!!!
(Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop)


Big opening

Hello everyone,

here is my first step for the creation of my blog.
I will post every step of my progress in 3D or anything reporting to it, from school projects to work projects and some of my good personal work.

I hope this is a beginning of a long story.