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Demo Reel 2014

There was some very fun projects during the last year, I updated my reel with a bunch of my favorites from Robocop. I also did a first previs contract, I can't use any of that stuff but it was such a cool experience. I could play with cameras, composition, staging... it was very interesting.

Caroline Labrie - Demo Reel 2014 from caroline labrie on Vimeo.


Demo Reel 2013

So here it is, my 2013 demo reel:


new version climbing the tree

Here is my latest version of this animation.
You are more than welcome to give any feedback so I can improve my shot as much as possible!

here is the link on vimeo:


Climb a tree

Here is a little animation I have been doing lately.
It is not quite finish, I still have some polishing to do to make it better.

Quality is always better on Vimeo then on Blogspot so here is the link:


New demo reel

Hello folks!

here is my new demo-reel. I've been working on nice stuff last year!

Since I finished school, most of the project I have worked on was TV show about dinosaurs. It seems that there is always something to say about them right? But lately things had changed and I had the chance to work on wonderful projects. I learned so much in the past few months it was so exciting.

After two years doing mostly layout and previs, I finally got the chance to animate and I really enjoy it! First I animated snakes witch was a very technical challenge. Apparently I did well because then I was assign on a cartoon TV show. Cartoon animation is so different then all the realistic show that I used to work on, but I always love to try new things and do something different. 

My last major project was Underworld 4, which was may be not a great movie, but I have to say it was very exciting for me since it was my first feature film. I mainly did some matchmoving for the legs replacement and some props like the whip. But at the end I had the opportunity to animate full creature for some shots and it was so much fun.

here it goes:

or you can see it on vimeo for a best quality

enjoy :)


My shots

Hello everyone,

last week I finally got my shots from Dino and I made a little shorts. So here are my bests shots on the project. I mainly lighted them.



MORE about dinosaurs


At the beginning of 2010, I wish you all a very happy new year!
As I said about myself, I want to travel around the world, and so I will. Next week I am flying to Peru and Bolivia for 5 weeks. With my backpack, my camera and my fresh eyes I will fill my head with wonderfull souvenirs. But before I go, I wanted to give you a little candy...

Dino Body has become Clash of the dinosaurs and it has been on TV in the United States a little before Christmas. Discovery Chanel posted 15 shorts of this documentary on this link:

Those videos are not quite long, but you can still view more of our work at Mokko.
We are very proud of the result.

But the best is still to come...
I can't wait to show you guys!